“We've had one (Mpox) case so far. He was diagnosed about three weeks ago,” said Sabina Hossain, the center’s lead clinician and nurse practitioner. “And we hope that will be the only case that we get, but they are also prepared to handle an uptick. We are vaccinating and educating our patients daily here… so just trying to drive those vaccine numbers up.'

The center held special vaccine clinics during the 2022 Mpox outbreak and saw a big turnout.

“Some patients waited like six to eight hours,” Hossain said.

Hossain added that with summer on the way and more public events where skin-to-skin contact is happening more frequently, the center expects to see more Mpox cases but hopes their efforts will keep numbers low.

'Anyone can be at risk for it and creating stigma only hinders care,” Hossain said.

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