Inclusive healthcare with dignity and respect.

Central Outreach Wellness Center

Our Wellness Center specializes in HIV Treatment as well as preventative care.  We are leading the field in HIV Prevention by offering free HIV and STD testing, HIV Prevention Counseling and promoting a new way of preventing HIV infection called PrEP.

Our doctor, Stacy Lane, D.O. has specialized in HIV care her entire career and was motivated to become a doctor by the death of her uncle. She has focused her career on HIV and infectious diseases and has been on the fore-front of compassionate and respectful care in SouthWestern Pennsylvania. 

For those patients who are HIV positive, you can expect the best of care, knowing that your doctor is at the fore-front of HIV management.

We understand that HIV affects the gay and trans communities especially hard and that there are proven and effective strategies to both maintain your health after HIV infection and to prevent it altogether.  Whatever your status, we can help.

Make an appointment today to manage your HIV care or to get free (for those who are uninsured)  HIV & STD testing.  We also welcome walk-ins for testing during our regular clinic hours.

Is PrEP recommended for you?  Take our brief assessment for gay men below.

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