For the last 35 years, December 1 has been recognized as World AIDS Day. It’s a reminder of the worldwide efforts needed to eliminate stigma linked to HIV, a chance to pay tribute to those we've lost, and a call to unite in ongoing efforts until the day HIV is no longer a threat to public health. 

At Central Outreach, we are leading the field in HIV prevention by offering HIV and STD testing, HIV prevention counseling, and promoting a new way of preventing HIV infection called PrEP. 

This year’s theme for the 35th anniversary of World AIDS Day is “Remember and Commit.” The impact of this epidemic reaches far and wide, touching individuals, families, and entire communities globally. Remembering those we've lost not only honors their memory but also underscores the urgency of our commitment to bring an end to the HIV epidemic. The 'Commit' aspect of this year's theme highlights our collective responsibility to take action.