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Central Outreach in the News: What you need to know about the Mpox outbreak in Cuyahoga County

In the 2 years since the 2022 Mpox outbreak, Central Outreach has been at the forefront of testing and treating the virus. O…


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Hepatitis C: Risk Factors and Recovery

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Ohio Trans Healthcare: 10 Things All Transgender Patients Should Know

If you are a transgender patient in Ohio, here are ten important things to know about your rights and options for healthcare.


Don’t Skip Your Hep C Screening in 2024. Here’s Why

Don’t Skip Your Hep C Screening in 2024. Here’s Why


From Access to Outcomes: 5 Must-Knows About Black Americans and the Healthcare System

Learn about the healthcare system's impact on Black Americans. Discover insights to improve access and outcomes. Explore Cen…