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Don’t Skip Your Hep C Screening in 2024. Here’s Why

Don’t Skip Your Hep C Screening in 2024. Here’s Why


From Access to Outcomes: 5 Must-Knows About Black Americans and the Healthcare System

In the American healthcare system, Black Americans face systemic hurdles impacting their well-being. This blog explores cruc…


Trans Taco Tuesday in Columbus, OH

We're thrilled to share that Taco Trans Tuesday has a new home at Stonewall Columbus (1160 N High Street)! This move signifi…


Central Outreach Wellness Center recognizes World AIDS Day

At Central Outreach, we are leading the field in HIV prevention by offering HIV and STD testing, HIV prevention counseling, …


Warmth and Well-Being: Mental Health Tips for the LGBTQ+ Community During the Holidays

While the holidays can be a time for joy and connection, it can also be a difficult time for a lot of folks in our community…


HIV in Ohio: What Every Ohioan Should Know

Discover the challenges of HIV prevention in Ohio and how Central Outreach Wellness Center is making a difference. Get infor…


The Sex Position That Breaks The Most Penises

Didn’t know you could break a penis?