Having a conversation with your partner about testing positive for an STI can be difficult, but it's important for open communication and addressing the situation together. 

Choose a time when you both can talk without interruptions. You can start by expressing your emotions honestly and openly, acknowledging the difficulty of the situation. Reassure your partner(s) that you're committed to facing this together and emphasize the importance of seeking treatment and taking proactive steps for everyone's health. Also, prioritizing open communication and active listening allows space for your partner to express their feelings and concerns without judgment.

*We recognize that not everyone is in a safe environment to share that they have an STI, but if you are in a safe environment, with a supportive partner, here are just a few ways you can initiate that conversation.

Here are ten examples of ways you can start the conversation:

1.  'I need to talk to you about something important. I recently got tested for STIs, and unfortunately, the results came back positive.'

2. 'I want to have a serious conversation with you. I've received some unexpected news from my recent STI test.'

3. 'Hey, I need your support right now. I just found out that I tested positive for an STI, and I think we need to talk about it together.'

4. 'I've been thinking a lot about our health and safety, and I have something important to discuss with you. I've tested positive for an STI.'​​​​​​​

5. 'I care about us, and I need to be honest with you. My recent STI test came back positive, and I think we need to have a conversation about what that means for both of us.'​​​​​​​

6. 'I know this is a tough topic, but it's crucial that we talk about it openly. I've tested positive for an STI, and we need to figure out how to handle it together.'

​​​​​​​7. 'I'm feeling really anxious about telling you this, but I got my STI test results back, and they were positive. I think we should talk about what steps to take next.'

​​​​​​​8. 'I never expected to be in this situation, but I just found out that I have an STI. I think it's important for us to discuss it together and figure out our next steps.'

​​​​​​​9. 'I'm not sure how to say this, but I got some news from my recent STI test that I need to share with you. It's positive, and I think we need to talk about what this means for our relationship.'

​​​​​​​10. 'I've been struggling with how to bring this up, but I need to be upfront with you. I tested positive for an STI, and I think we need to have an open conversation about it.'

Remember to approach the conversation with empathy, honesty, and a willingness to listen to your partner's feelings and concerns. 

In terms of mental health, prioritize self-care and seek support from trusted friends, family members, or a therapist if needed. Remind yourself that testing positive for an STI doesn't diminish your worth or value as a person and that seeking treatment is an important step towards prioritizing your health and well-being. STIs are not bad words, they are a part of the human sexual experience.

Communicating with your partner about your STI status is critical not just for your partner’s health, but for the health of your community. Here at Central Outreach Wellness Centers, we are here to help you get tested and treated with our no-insurance-no-problem approach. We also provide mental health services if that is something you may need on your treatment journey.