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Welcome to Central Outreach Wellness Center, Your LGBT Clinic

Culturally Sensitive Care

Our Wellness Centers welcome all people. Our staff strives to be supportive and inclusive of Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIA+, and gender diverse populations while exercising cultural humility when collaborating with all patients to treat their health care needs. We support Gender Affirming Care as routine health care. We support Harm Reduction as well as recovery.








  • Comprehensive Gay Health Care
  • Culturally Sensitive Care
  • Gender Affirming Health Care
  • HIV Primary Care
  • Hep C Primary Care
  • PrEP & PEP HIV Prophylaxis
  • Suboxone


Dr. Stacy Lane Named

Dignity & Respect Champion

​Uncle’s Death from AIDS Determines Future for Local Infectious Disease Physician


  • Drug & Alcohol Rehab & Harm Reduction.
  • Transgender Hormone Therapy
  • HIV/AIDS resources and referral 
  • Hepatitis C testing, treatment and resources.
  • Personalized Pharmacy Services & Discounts
  • Housing Resources & Referrals
  • ​Mobile Clinic 

How We Became Central Outreach Wellness Center

Our Wellness Centers welcome all people. We understand the health concerns of people of color. Our physician staff specialize in HIV and Hep C care. Our staff embrace the journey of Transgender health, and we understand LGBTQIA issues while being inclusive and supportive. We support Harm Reduction as well as recovery.

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Our Locations

Founded in 2015, Central Outreach Wellness Center specializes in culturally sensitive medical care.

Walk-in HIV and STD testing, HIV prevention counseling, PrEP, HEP C testing and treatment along with transgender health care and mental health care services.

Our Locations
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A History of Hep C Treatment

Treatment for the Hepatitis C virus infection has come a long way in the last several decades, and it's an incredible reality that in the year 2022, patients can be completely cured of Hep C. But this hasn't always been the case.

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Prep2Me Highlight(opens in a new tab)

Tattoos and Hepatitis: Preventing Hep C While You Get Inked

For many people, body art is a fun, beautiful, and sometimes radical form of self-expression. But when it comes to tattoos, there's one potential downside that's often overlooked: the risk of contracting a hepatitis C virus infection.

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LGBTQ Health & Telemedicine: How Tech is Helping to Make Care Accessible

LGBTQ+ healthcare is like any other person's healthcare in many ways, but sometimes, the unique needs of our community require a unique approach. From navigating a higher risk of getting certain sexually transmitted infections and preventing HIV to mental health and gender-affirming care, there are a lot of factors to consider.

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HepCMyWay(opens in a new tab)

Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: Women and HIV

The conversations medical providers, community leaders, and individuals have surrounding HIV and AIDS are often focused on men, and with good reason – men who have sex with men (MSM) are the most disproportionately at-risk group(opens in a new tab) for HIV infection, and the gay community has been uniquely affected by the AIDS epidemic that began in 1981. However, March 10th is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day(opens in a new tab), and it’s important to discuss the ways in which women of all walks of life can be at risk for HIV infection.

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Kaley J

Kaley J. "I walked into her office about 11 months ago looking for hope and that is what I found with Dr. Lane. An amazing person with a big heart and great intelligence. I wouldn't want to put my care into anyone else's hands."

David D.

David D. "She's one Amazing Dr,, Friend, Woman, Mother, She One Very Wonderful Busy Dr If I could give her an Award I would And Highly Recommend her. She's there Day & Night - anytime I need her. She's God's Angel sent from Heaven to Help Heal us of our illnesses.

Branden D.

Branden D. 2007

Branden D. "This is a photo of a boy months from expiring in 2007, a viral load of 9, riddled with cancer. I'd gone to see Dr Lane at the behest of my parents. Other doctors had told me that if I wanted to live I must take medication that would lessen what little quality of life I had left. I told them that was the point -- to belay my suffering. I was told I was going to die in October and I couldn't bear to extend that deadline. Stacy asked me if I'd be willing to take the medication if she could make it so that it didn't make me feel sicker. She cared more about me than I did and somehow that made me accept the treatment. She had faith where I had solemn resignation. The following month my CD4 was 124 and the deep purple lesions had already started to disappear. It is now near 800 and eight years later I am now a man who is blessed to offer that compassion to others and I'm lucky to stand in her shadow. All the good I can do from now on will be the vicarious compassion of a woman I consider to be an angel on earth.


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 Patients will not be denied care based on inability to pay, and financial assistance is available.