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 We have a new HIPAA -compliant texting program that we are excited to share with you.


You can now reach us via text at our office number.

(412) 322-4151

Kaley J.  "I walked into her office about 11 months ago looking for hope and that is what I found with Dr. Lane. An amazing person with a big heart and great intelligence. I wouldn't want to put my care into anyone else's hands."

Dartanyon P. "She goes beyond being a Dr. She has the patients' best interest on and off the clock."

Dr. Stacy Lane has been helping patients with her own brand of compassion and genuine heart for the length of her career. Central Outreach Resource and Referral Center has been working with at risk communities and reaching folks that were thought to be unreachable.  When Dr. Lane decided to take the leap into private practice she knew that having CORRC join hands was the best way to collaborate her brand of compassionate medical care with the compassionate social resources of such an enduring institution.

  • Comprehensive Gay Health Care
  • Culturally Competent Care
  • Comprehensive Transgendered Health Care
  • HIV Primary Care
  • Hep C Primary Care
  • PrEP & nPEP HIV Prophylaxis
  • Suboxone/Needle Exchange​

Dr. Stacy Lane Named

Dignity & Respect Champion

​Uncle’s Death from AIDS Determines Future for Local Infectious Disease Physician



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We offer PrEP and free STD testing in Pittsburgh, Aliquippa and Washington, Pennsylvania. Central  Outreach Wellness Center is a holistic, multicultural, LGBTQIA, HIV & Hep C health organization. We are the leader in providing culturally competent medical care in Allegheny County.

Our Wellness Centers welcome all people. We understand the health concerns of people of color. Our physician staff specialize in HIV and Hep C care. Our staff embrace the journey of Transgender health, and we understand LGBTQIA issues while being inclusive and supportive. We support Harm Reduction as well as recovery.


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you can now text our office number!

how we became central outreach wellness center

Branden D.

"This is a photo of a boy months from expiring in 2007, a viral load of 9, riddled with cancer. I'd gone to see Dr Lane at the behest of my parents. Other doctors had told me that if I wanted to live I must take medication that would lessen what little quality of life I had left. I told them that was the point -- to belay my suffering. I was told I was going to die in October and I couldn't bear to extend that deadline. Stacy asked me if I'd be willing to take the medication if she could make it so that it didn't make me feel sicker. She cared more about me than I did and somehow that made me accept the treatment. She had faith where I had solemn resignation. The following month my CD4 was 124 and the deep purple lesions had already started to disappear . It is now near 800 and eight years later I am now a man who is blessed to offer that compassion to others and I'm lucky to stand in her shadow. All the good I can do from now on will be the vicarious compassion of a woman I consider to be an angel on earth.

David D.

"She's one Amazing Dr,, Friend, Woman, Mother, She One Very Wonderful Busy Dr If I could give her an Award I would And Highly Recommend her. She's there Day & Night - anytime I need her. She's God's Angel sent from Heaven to Help Heal us of our illnesses.

  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Harm Reduction.
  • Transgender Hormone Therapy
  • HIV/AIDS resources and referral 
  • Hepatitis C testing, treatment and resources.
  • Personalized Pharmacy Services & Discounts
  • Housing Resources & Referrals
  • ​Mobile Clinic 

Inclusive healthcare with dignity and respect.