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We Welcome Your Feedback

Central Outreach Wellness Center commits to advanced, high-quality medical care. Our goal is health and wellness in a judgment-free zone to enhance a patient’s life. We focus our efforts on change and progress to continuously provide the most educated and culturally competent doctors, management, and staff, so we remain at the forefront of the healthcare industry. Filled with compassion for each other, and our patients, Central Outreach Wellness Center environments promote honesty and respect for all to create an inclusive community for LGBTQ members, minorities, and everyone alike. It is with this mission we strive to maintain ethical, professional, and technical standards.

If you know a way we can improve our care, or be better, or have a concern about the care you receive, please contact our clinic manager, Cory Haag; or in the form.

Dr. Stacy Lane, D.O. - Medical Director at Central Outreach Wellness Center